The 1031 Fitness Triangle: Fitness - Nutrition - Mindset

We’ve all been there. We create a story in our heads and it usually goes something like this:


“I’ve tried everything, and nothing worked for me.”


We hear you. We understand. 


But you’re not done yet. You still have a light inside of you. A fire. 


Not to get too in depth with Greek Philosophy, but in Plato’s original theory Aristotle established triangles as symbols representing the five elements in nature. One of them, the upward pointing triangle, represents fire. For 1031 Fitness, it’s the fire inside of you that we want to ignite: the fire to become a healthier mom, a healthier dad, a healthier spouse… a healthier human. 


The 1031 Fitness triangle has three parts. Each represents a vital part of improving your health and wellness:

1) fitness

2) nutrition

3) mindset


Nutrition is the base, promoting whole food as the foundation of living a healthier life. Food is our fuel, not a reward. We suggest a few easy guidelines:

-Eat real foods like meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and minimal sugar.

-Maintain intake to levels that will support exercise, but not body fat. While we train an hour a day, what we do for the other 23, in terms of our eating habits, sets us up for maximizing our workout results.

-Your nutrition should reflect your goals: losing, maintaining, or gaining weight. 


Fitness is the center. Our bodies were created to do work. No matter what you do at 1031 Fitness, your heart rate will be elevated and you will sweat. But rest assured we will coach you every step of the way. Through fitness, we balance work and play. It’s where we can let go of our stress, push our ego aside, and move the needle a little more in our favor. It’s the stabilizer. It brings all the other aspects of our life together. 


Mindset is the pinnacle. Our professional coaching team is dedicated to giving you the best hour of your day. We set goals, but understand that happiness is not on the other side of achievement. Fulfillment is found in the process. By giving your mind the opportunity to decipher what we control versus what we do not control, you’ll finally be able to focus on what matters: fitness, nutrition, and mindset. This will, in turn, allow you to live the healthy life you’ve been wanting. 


Our Mission:

1031 Fitness exists to improve people’s quality of life, physically and mentally, by focusing on fitness, nutrition, and mindset. We bring something different to the table, and the product is giving people the confidence to improve their bodies and minds through our coach-led fitness programs. 


We specialize in Building Better workout at a time.


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