Quad City Athlete Academy

Quad City Athlete Academy (QCAA) specializes in hands on, motivating, and results driven strength and conditioning/sports performance programs for athletes of all levels! The Athlete Academy is personalized small group training designed for athletes seeking to improve in the following areas: strength, speed, power, agility, conditioning, nutrition, and injury resiliency. 

QCAA Program Structure

The QCAA Program is designed to develop male and female athletes across any sport. Our training aims to develop skill, technique, and movements that translate to excellence on the field and in the weight room. Athletes will be tested on their movement efficiency, power, and strength throughout the duration of the program. 

Session Length

60 minutes, 3 days per week

Elite: 75 minutes, 4 days per week

Program Length


Elite: 3-6 months


For More Information Contact:

Chase Hollmer 563-370-4331

Meet Coach Hollmer

 Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN)

 Certified USA Weight Lifting Sports Performance Coach   

Chase is originally from Iowa where he earned his bachelor's degree in Movement and Exercise Science from the University of Northern Iowa. He later moved to Tampa, Florida where he completed his Master's Degree in Exercise and Nutritional Science from the University of Tampa. While pursuing his graduate degree , Chase also worked in UT’s Human Performance Lab, one of the top human performance labs in the country. Since his time in Tampa he has worked with multiple professional teams and athletes including those in the NHL, NFL, MLB, and UFC. He was also the head strength and conditioning coach for Plant High School's (Tampa, Florida) basketball, wrestling, and football teams (One of the top 50 teams in the nation, Florida 7A State Runner-up). Chase's experience also extends working with numerous fitness professionals and bodybuilders on their individual training, nutrition, and supplementation needs.